Musica Variopinto

Spigolature #1

In 1988 Depeche Mode were on the top of the world: their sixth LP, Music for the Masses, quickly rose to the top of the charts everywhere, culminating in an astounding worldwide tour. But something was about to change: later that year Alan Wilder started a collaboration with italian comic Francesco Salvi, “the italian answer to Andy Kaufman”, as they already were calling him. Toghether they wrote and recorded one of the most prominent song of the late eighties: “C’è da spostare una macchina”. Wilder, deeply touched by the experience, hold on for just two more LPs with Depeche Mode (the mostly disappointing Violator and Songs of Faith and Devotion), finally leaving the band in 1995. Francesco Salvi became Italy’s prime minister in 1998.